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? PRE-ORDER MY HUSBANDS BOOK ? ? IG: ? TWTR: ? FB: Hi my angels. I hope you enjoy this super long video where talk you through our wedding events! It was truly the best week of our lives and we wish we could do it all over again. A huge thank you goes to our family & friends for coming all the way out to Mexico to celebrate and respecting our wishes to not post our wedding all over social media (haha!). We actually had a no social media policy at our wedding which I forgot to mention in this video - but I'll touch on it on the Q&A which I'll be posting next :) We ALL enjoyed the week so much without our phones and have the best memories! We put so much thought, time and energy into our wedding and cannot put into words how we felt that week. We are so thankful to have such a loving family and friends in our lives. We love you all. Although we paid for everything during our wedding week, I want to be super black and white with everyone. As another huge thank you goes out to the following brands who gifted us special treats for our big week : - Jo Malone for scenting our wedding, mums, bridesmaids, groomsmen and also not forgetting me and Vex! You can read more about our specific scents we had here ? - Tatcha for gifting my brides maids a skincare boxes, our guests their inflight sheet masks and our wedding facials days before the wedding! You have and always will be a brand & now friends close to my heart ? - Kiehl's for providing our guests with SPF lip balm and not forgetting our infamous Turmeric and Cranberry face masks for our Haldi/Pithi ceremony! As soon as the team found out we were doing this, they sent out a box of them before we could even buy them so thank you SO much!! - Ekta Solanki for gifting me gorgeous Fiesta outfit. It was SUCH a sweet gesture. It's an outfit super close to me. Your kind heart is one of a kind. Thank you so much for your crazy hard work over the past 2 years. Your service, talent and energy is second to none! - Este Couture (Ash) for gifting me my Sagai, welcome drinks, Mehndi and Mandvo outfit. I went in to shop and purchase myself, but having them gifted to me was something I will never, ever forget! You are truly so kind and so glad to have found a friend in you! We wanted to do everything ourselves without the help of our parents, family, brands etc. But the above brands went above and beyond in gifting us such sweet and thoughtful items for our wedding week. It will never be forgotten. However, the last 2 years of hard work from my husband and I really did pay off. We were able to spoil our closest family & friends for our wedding week in Mexico! We wouldn't have had it any other way ?? SUPPLIERS Resort: Wedding Outfits + Floral Haars Jewellery Hair Mendhi Priest Music Saxophone Indian Caterers Scenting Stationary Photo Video Fingerprint Tree Foam lights Name places Coach Agency - Hangover bag eBay 30x25cm Paracetamol £1 shop Alka Seltzer £1 shop Caffeine tabs £1 shop Plasters £1 shop Shot spinner eBay Kiehl's SPF Lip Balm Tic tacs Amazon Eyedrops Royal Chai box Drink Floaties eBay Mosquito bands eBay

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Can we get 10,000 thumbs up"! ? PRE-ORDER MY HUSBANDS BOOK ? IG: ? TWTR: ...
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Can we get 10,000 thumbs up"! ? PRE-ORDER MY HUSBANDS BOOK ? IG: ? TWTR: ...
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Can we get 10,000 thumbs up"! ? PRE-ORDER MY HUSBANDS BOOK ? IG: ? TWTR: ...
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Can we get 10,000 thumbs up"! ? PRE-ORDER MY HUSBANDS BOOK ? IG: ? TWTR: ...
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