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A few thoughts for the day on Honeyquat, alcohol, and solubi

For a while there, it seemed like honeyquat smelled like dead plastic fish and I couldn\'t use it in anything, even things that had loads of fragrance...
18-09-2017 16:08

Weekend Wondering: What is the "dump and heat" met

In the September Q&A on Patreon, Allison asked: I recently read an article on the blog for Majestic Mountain Sage where they advocate what they refer ...
17-09-2017 16:08

Experiments in the workshop: Stearamidopropyl dimethylamine

When I find a new ingredient, I do a search of all the materials on my computer or iPad, then I look for prototype formulas to give me an idea of what...
16-09-2017 16:06

Comment catchup: Spectrastat G2 and bath bombs

In this post on Spectrastat G2, Ally D shared, So far I have had success with this in my shampoos. However, at 1% usage (recommended usage is 1-1.2%)...
16-09-2017 16:06

OH MY GOSH! Dr Joe is speaking at the Canadian conference!

OH MY GOSH! Dr Joe Schwarcz, chemistry professor and science educator from McGill University, is the keynote speaker at the Handcrafted Bath & Body Gu...
16-09-2017 16:06

Weekend Wonderings: Does "safe for colour treated hair&

In September\'s Q&A on Patreon, Doris asked: Does "safe for color-treated hair" on shampoos have any real meaning"  Are there any common surfactants ...
16-09-2017 16:06

Why did I buy that again" Stearamidopropyl dimethylamin

I\'ve had requests to formulate with this ingredient for years, but we can\'t get it in Canada, so I didn\'t order it. During our weeks of being snowe...
14-09-2017 16:09
12-09-2017 16:09
12-09-2017 16:09

Weekday Wonderings: Is emulsifying wax part of the oil phase

In this post, How can you tell it\'s a good recipe", Connie asked, I am confused, however, about the percent of emulsifier relates to total percent. I...
11-09-2017 16:09

Weekend Wonderings: Why don't we measure by volume" and

In this post, Creating products: A moment or two about recipes, Caroline said, I like using weight measurement for recipes because it is so much easie...
10-09-2017 16:09
08-09-2017 16:09

Update on comments...

I\'m working my way through the comments. I think I\'m up to July 19th so please bear with me as it takes quite some time to answer what you\'ve asked...
08-09-2017 16:09
08-09-2017 16:09

Weekend Wonderings: Making clay masks and using essential oi

In this question, Newbie Tuesday: Turning your cleanser into an exfoliating cleanser, Jessica asks: I am actually working on something at home and I h...
07-09-2017 16:09

Weekday Wonderings: Liquid Germall Plus, and a thought about

In this post, Preservatives: Phenoxyethanol, Paola asked: Quick question Re: Liquid Germal Plus... It\'s my favourite preservative to use...however, ...
06-09-2017 16:08

I'm presenting at the HBBG & HSCG conference in Toronto in J

The excitement just doesn\'t stop around here lately! I\'m so excited to be presenting at the 2018 conference held by the Handmade Bath & Body Guild a...
06-09-2017 16:08

Weekday Wonderings: Can we make a shampoo bar without cocami

In this post on shampoo bars, Bella asked: Is it ok to make a syndet shampoo bar without cocamidopropyl betaine" Everyone makes it seem like an imposs...
06-09-2017 16:08

I'm teaching at Windy Point September 23rd & 24th

I\'m so excited to be returning to Windy Point Soap in Calgary, Alberta, on September 23rd and 24th to teach four half day classes!Solid shampoo and c...
06-09-2017 16:08

Questions from Patreon: Retin A, retinol, and retinoids (par

Last Thursday, we started looking at retin A, retinol, retinoids, Vitamin A, and carotenoids, so let\'s resume that fascinating topic!In the August ...
05-09-2017 16:10

Weekday Wonderings: Adding SCI to oils to create a cleanser&

I\'m trying so hard to get through your comments, but I\'m still back in June. There are just so many good ones, it\'s hard to answer them with a quic...
05-09-2017 16:10

For my Patreon subscribers - the duplicated posts have a hom

To all my lovely Patreon subscribers: To make finding things easier, for the duplicating posts, I\'ve put together a permanent page that\'ll be linked...
05-09-2017 16:10

Weekday Wonderings: Why do my salts turn to mush when I use

In this post, Why do my Dead Sea salts get wet", C commented: Something similar happens to me every time a make my foot bath salts, the whole mixture ...
05-09-2017 16:10

Check out my new e-zine - AHA, salicylic acid, and Vitamin C

I\'m so excited about this new e-zine on AHAs, salicylic acid, and Vitamin C with 48 pages of brand new formulas and write ups! I\'ve been working wit...
05-09-2017 16:10

Questions from Patreon: Retin A, retinols, and retinoids (pa

In the August Q&A on Patreon, Mildred asked: Question pls: Can I use a glycolic toner followed by a Retin A cream" I read a blog that these two needs ...
01-09-2017 16:09

Why did I buy that again" Hydroxyethylcelullose

If you are reading this on Blog Lovin\', please note they are exploiting my work without permission for their monetary gain. I have expressly forbidde...
29-08-2017 16:11

On having a signature when you formulate...

In the recent past, I had a cosmetic chemist mention to me that I have a "very strong signature" and that they could spot one of my formulas a mile aw...
28-08-2017 16:10

The new e-zine is here for my Patreon subscribers

If you\'re a $10 Patreon subscriber for the month of August, look for the new e-zine, AHA, Salicylic Acid, and Vitamin C, Oh My!, starting today. It\'...
28-08-2017 16:10

It's too hot to craft: Summery floral gel

I\'ve never really thought of myself as a floral kind of person, but it turns out I really love rose, rose geranium, and gardenias far more than I tho...
23-08-2017 16:10

Using 100x or 200x aloe vera powder in our products

In yesterday\'s post on cooling sprays, I used aloe vera 200x powder, which is a concentrated powdered extract that we can dissolve into water to make...
22-08-2017 16:08

Weekend Wonderings: What's making my lotion sticky" (pa

Yesterday, we took a look at a formula submitted by BrNy to see what could be making her lotion sticky. Today, we\'ll see what we can do to reduce tha...
21-08-2017 16:10

It's too hot to craft: Peppermint & chamomile cooling spray

If you\'ve read this blog for any length of time, you probably already know how much I hate the heat and how much I love cooling sprays. I love to cre...
21-08-2017 16:10

Weekend Wondering: What's making my lotion sticky" (Par

In this post, Aristoflex AVC - light lotion with NAG, ceramides, and quaternized rice, BrNy asked: I know this is an old-ish post but thought I\'d try...
20-08-2017 16:09

It's too hot to craft: Cold process hair conditioners - part

Last Monday, we met a new, cold process conditioner I bought from Making Cosmetics called Ice Hair Restore (aka Gracefruit\'s EasyMix Smooth or Jeespe...
17-08-2017 16:08

Question from Patreon: Does polyquaternium 10 have a shelf l

In the July Q&A on Patreon, Belinda asked: I have two questions...1) do you know if polyquaternium 10 has an expiration date" I\'ve checked the websit...
14-08-2017 16:08

Question: Is normal for products with citrus oils to go oran

In the August Q&A on Patreon, Anne asked: I am wondering why my room spray with citrus oils has turned orange. It smells perfectly fine and is preserv...
14-08-2017 16:08

Question from Patreon: What are these ingredients I found in

In the July Q&A on Patreon, Jaime asked: Can you tell me your thoughts on the following three ingredients and if there is a natural substitute" sorbet...
13-08-2017 16:08

Question from Patreon: Are there any green alternatives to S

In July\'s Q&A on Patreon, Ingrid asked: I\'m investigating bath bombs and  more natural alternatives to using SLSa for bubbles. I\'ve seen bath bomb...
12-08-2017 16:08

It's too hot to craft: Cold process hair conditioners - part

On Monday, we met a new conditioning agent called ICE Hair Restore (aka Jeesperse ICE T CPCS or Gracefruit\'s EasyMix Smooth). And yesterday, we made ...
10-08-2017 16:07

It's too hot to craft: Cold process hair conditioners - part

Is it possible to make hair conditioners without heating or holding" Why are you even asking this question" What madness is this, Swift"I bought this ...
08-08-2017 16:04

It's too hot to craft: Cold process hair conditioners - part

Yesterday, we met a new hair conditioning ingredient, ICE Hair Restore (aka Jeesperse ICE-T CPCS or EasyMix Smooth from Gracefruit) INCI: Cetearyl alc...
08-08-2017 16:04

It's too hot to craft: Introduction

I hate summer. I hate the heat, I hate the sun and the way sunscreen makes me break out, I hate the mosquitoes and having to smell like Off, I hate th...
05-08-2017 16:06

Question from Patreon: Can cocamidopropyl betaine be used as

In the July Q&A on my Patreon feed, Doris asked: I fell down this particular rabbit hole because I wanted to duplicate a simple shampoo that I love. (...
02-08-2017 16:04

Question from Patreon: How to use alcohol in a lotion"

In yesterday\'s post, we took a look at how we might use alcohol in a lotion. In today\'s post, I thought I\'d shared a few ways you could incorporate...
01-08-2017 16:05

Question from Patreon: How to use alcohol in a lotion"

On my Patreon feed page, Albert asked: If I wanted to make an after shave balm which includes some alcohol in it, my questions are: 1. In which of th...
01-08-2017 16:05

Lush's main emulsifier: Stearic acid and triethanolamine

One of the companies I\'m asked most about is Lush, and their products are the most requested duplications on my Patreon subscription page. (This mon...
31-07-2017 16:07

Questions from Patreon: When can you tinker with a finished

On my Patreon feed, Sally asked: Under what circumstances can you tinker with a "finished" product" For example, a batch of shampoo isn\'t as foamy as...
27-07-2017 16:06

Questions from Patreon: Why are you adding protein and panth

On my Patreon feed, Jennifer asked:  I saw (and like) the recipe you posted on the facial lotion (rosehip/calendula), and saw that you put the protei...
24-07-2017 16:06

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1881 Pour Homme by Cerruti

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Do You Wash Your Face in the Shower"

Do You Wash Your Face in the Shower"

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Diesel Fuel For Life Spirit Tester Perfume

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